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IPv6 addressing

September 1st, 2010 Comments off

Just some important IPv6 prefixes to remember whenever dealing with DirectAccess or IPv6 as such, have fun and remember to think in HEX J

Global-Unicast – 2000::/3
6to4 – 2002::/16
Teredo – 2001:0000::/32
Link Local Unicast — FE80::/10
Unique Local Unicast – FC00::/7
Multicast – FF00::/8

DirectAccess IPv6 addressing:
2002:WWXX:YYZZ:8000::/49 as the organizational prefix
2002:WWXX:YYZZ:8000::/64 as the ISATAP prefix
2002:WWXX:YYZZ:8001::/96 as the NAT64/DNS64 prefix
2002:WWXX:YYZZ:8100::/56 as the IP-HTTPS prefix