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scUtil tool to manage admin/user PIN for minidriver (Microsoft Base Smart Card CSP) based smart cards

October 1st, 2009 Comments off

A must have tools for all of you with minidriver based smart cards to manage admin and user pin on such cards. The tool is free to download and use as well as to modify or reuse the code in other projects.

Many thanks to Björn Österman who made the tool available.


scUtil.exe, version 1.0, Author: Bjorn Osterman, Company: TrueSec AB, Sweden

syntax: scUtil.exe unblockpin        <adminkey>    <newpin>
scUtil.exe changepin         <oldpin>      <newpin>
scUtil.exe changeadminkey    <oldadminkey> <newadminkey>
scUtil.exe calculateresponse <adminkey>    <challange>
scUtil.exe generaterandomkey

<adminkey> is one the the following alternatives:
– 48 hexadecimal characters
– “default”, representing 48 zeroes
– “random”, representing 48 random hexadecimal characters

<pin> is variable-length string composed of alphanumerical characters