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How do I enable Single Sign-on for RD Gateway Server?

August 24th, 2011 Comments off
  1. Create, edit or change a group policy object for your clients
  2. Navigate to “User Configuration”, “Administrative Templates”, “Windows Components”, “Remote Desktop Services”, “RD Gateway” and select the “Set RD Gateway server authentication method” setting:
  3. Select the “Enabled” radio button.
  4. Under “Set RD Gateway server authentication method”, click on the combo-box and select “Use locally logged-on credentials”.
  5. If you want the users to be able to override this authentication method then select “Allow users to change this setting” checkbox.
  6. Confirm the changes by clicking on the “OK” button until you return back to the main Group Policy Object Editor dialog.
  7. Apply the policy and make sure it has been enforced on the client by running “gpupdate” to force the policy to be refreshed immediately on the local machine.
  8. Start up the RD client and navigate to “Options”, “Advanced”, click on “Settings” under “connect from anywhere”. You should see the status text indicate the following: “Your Windows logon credentials will be used to connect to this RD Gateway server”.
  9. The client will now be able to connect to the gateway server using locally logged on credentials