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Speaking IPv6 @ Best of MMS Sweden 2011

August 23rd, 2011 Comments off

Yes, you can get by without it, but probably not for long. Adopting the new IPv6 protocols will be a challenge, and there are ways to work around the shortages of IPv4. So why bother to make the move? Because any workarounds eventually will get in the way of new services and devices, and the rest of the world will pass by those who do not adapt. What are the requirement, what management options are available and how should we implement the new protocol and the required management.

Welcome to my session “IPv6::Why:Should:I:Care?” at Best of MMS Sweden 2011

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Best of MMS Sverige 2011

July 10th, 2011 Comments off

Hur hanterar du och ditt företag er it-miljö på bästa sätt?

Best of MMS är eventet du inte ska missa. Här får du veta allt om de mest aktuella produkterna och teknikerna från Microsoft när det gäller it-management. Under det kommande året väntas till exempel flera produktlanseringar inom System Center-familjen.

På plats är de främsta svenska it-experterna. Det blir två dagar fyllda med teknikspäckade föredrag – om ämnen som Opalis, System Center Configuration Manager 2012, IPv6, System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 och System Center Service Manager R2, Hyper-V Cloud med mera.

Är du nyfiken på IPv6 och hur det nya protokollet kommer att påverka båda hanteringen av Windows Server och säkerheten i dina system?

Läs mer och boka din plats redan idag på is IPv6 enabled :)

June 7th, 2011 Comments off
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Modify your existing code base from IPv4 to IPv4- and IPv6-interoperability

May 4th, 2011 1 comment

The practice of hard coding IPv4 addresses creates problems when modifying and existing application to support IPv6 or creating new IP version-independent applications.
The Checkv4.exe utility is designed to provide you with a code porting partner; a utility that steps through your code base with you, identifies potential problems or highlights code that could benefit from IPv6-capable functions or structures, and makes recommendations. With the Checkv4.exe utility, the task of modifying an existing IPv4 application to support IPv6 becomes much easier.

Recommendations for Running Checkv4.exe:

  1. Acquire the Checkv4.exe utility. The Checkv4.exe utility is installed as part of the Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) released for Windows Vista and later. The Windows SDK is available through an MSDN subscription and can also be downloaded from the Microsoft website (
  2. Run the Checkv4.exe utility against your code. Learn about how to run the Checkv4.exe utility against your files in the section on Using the Checkv4.exe Utility.
  3. The Checkv4.exe utility alerts you to the presence of common defines for IPv4 addresses, such as INADDR_LOOPBACK. Modify any code that uses literal strings with code that is protocol-version agnostic.
  4. Search your code base for other potential literal strings, as appropriate.


The Checkv4.exe utility can help you find common literal strings, but there may be others that are specific to your application. You should perform thorough searching and testing to ensure your code base has eradicated potential problems associated with literal strings.



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